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Cool it down – Dermal Essence Mask


I went out to H-Mart, a Korean market today, and picked up some of my favorite Dermal essence masks! I don’t get to H-Mart very often, so I tend to stock up. These sheet masks are super cooling and moisturizing, perfect for warm weather. They have a variety of different essences, I love cucumber, Aloe, Green Tea, and Honey (royal jelly).

This is the info for the Aloe mask:

  • Soothing, Convergence, and Nutritional facial mask.
  • Aloe facial face mask pack contains Aloe Extract, collagen and active natural ingredients works to nourishes your skin and restore radiance.
  • Sheet type essence Facial mask delivers nutrition directly to your face.
  • Restore your tired dull skin to a healthy glow with this unique moisturizing and refining facial face mask treatment using aloe extract and collagen.
  • Easy to use at home facial mask.


So, I don’t think anyone looks quite this nice with a sheet mask on, but they work super well (even if we end up looking silly for a little while).  Now it’s time for a little post work out relaxation and a Revitalizing Kale Smoothie – perfect!

Have you tried a similar mask?

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