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Beauty supplements: Hum Nutrition

I’ve seen these Hum Nutrition supplements on Sephora and they have always intrigued me. Getting better skin, nails, hair and more from the inside out always seems like a good thing. Hum has a huge array of products, such as: Killer Nails, Red Carpet Ready (glowing skin and hair), Smooth Operator (reduce lines and wrinkles).

The one set that caught my eye is the Red Carpet Ready (25.00 for 1 month supply), who doesn’t want glowing skin and better hair? You get 60 capsules in a bottle and take them twice a day, so the price seems a bit high to me… but then again, supplements tend to be expensive anyway.  This one boasts Black Currant Seed Oil and Vitamin E for Healthy Skin. Keep in mind that most of their listings say to take for 1-3 months to see results – that adds up!

Killer Nails also caught my eye, it has 5000mcg of Biotin, which is great for hair and nails. You also get 60 capsules for 20.00, taken once per day – this seems pretty reasonable. Then I went to the kitchen and had a look at the Biotin supplement that I got at Target…  10,000mcg of Biotin, 60 capsules for 12.99!

While I do think we can get similar results from taking a multivitamin… I can’t deny the fact that I’m still tempted. For now, I think I’ll just stick with my drug store counterparts.

Have you ever tried Hum or a similar supplement?

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