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Almond goodness from The Body Shop

Last time I went to the mall, I made it a point to stop by The Body Shop, I hadn’t been there in such a long time! I had already purchased some things at Sephora, so I didn’t want to go too crazy. Lucky for me, there was a buy two, get one free deal going on for bath products. The sales associate was super nice, and let me have the body was as the free product! Score!

IMG_0890Almond Bath and Shower Gel ($8.00)
Shea Beautifying Oil ($14.00)
Exfoliating Skin Towel ($5.00)

These products smell amazing! The Exfoliating towel is so nice, it feels great, and it makes skin feel so soft! I know I’ll be back at The Body Shop before too long 🙂


  1. TryMePretty

    Those oils are the best!! Coconut and cocoa butter are my faves!

  2. Reify

    The TBS Shea scent is DIVINE! It makes me wanna sniff on it all day ♥ I’ve still got one of those beautifying oils and you just reminded me of how much I liked it.

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