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LC’s Bikini Boot Camp 2014

picI have decided to try and get into better shape this spring/summer! Especially after a long winter of being sedentary and snacking at my desk at work. I discovered that Lauren Conrad’s annual Bikini Boot Camp launched, and I thought I would give it a try.

I like that this is viewed as a lifestyle change and not a diet plan. The main goal is eating well and exercise. Lauren has a list of meals (pick one for breakfast, lunch and dinner), snacks (one per day), and exercises (pick one and do all of the every day exercises as well). I’ve been very good the last two days, but I won’t stick to her meal plan elusively for dinner options, but will keep it healthy.

There is an off limits list, I’m going to try to stick to this as much as I can (with some wiggle room).

– No white breads, large portions of cheese, or fried food
– No candy, baked goods, or ice cream – this is probably the most difficult for me! I love doughnuts and sweets.
– No soda or sugary drinks – bye, bye mochas!
– No eating 2-3 hours before bed

I’ve only been at this since Tuesday and It’s already been super difficult. I want every baked good that I can think of. However, I have felt a lot better since I’ve been eating right and making good choices. I even skipped over these yummy cookies at a work luncheon, and I haven’t been over to visit any of the candy bowls around. We’ll see how long I last!

Do you have plans to get in shape this summer?


  1. loveleavelaura

    Whew, that’s a tough diet…but I bet it will yield great results! Maybe I’ll give it a try. How long is it supposed to be for?

    • VC

      It’s for as long as you can! Definitely check out LC’s site for more info!

  2. loveleavelaura

    Reblogged this on Laura's Raves and Craves and commented:
    Some Such Butterfly posted LC’s plan for getting in shape for summer. It’s a tough diet, but I think I might try it. Need to be able to fit into my summer clothes again!

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