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Make up for covering redness – Part 2

redness2Here we are at Part 2! Keep in mind that I am by no means a makeup expert, but I will give some of my insight into primers and the products that work for me. Now that we have our skin care taken care of (don’t forget sunscreen), we can start by applying our base!

I have tried many green makeup primers in order to try and even out my redness. I haven’t yet found one that makes me go “Wow, that really helped.”. I believe that primers do provide a nice smooth base for your foundation, making the application very even and can help provide better coverage.

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primerr: I had really high hopes for this primer, after seeing Kandee Johnson use it on her channel. It’s a very light primer, and applies very easily. However, I didn’t notice this evening out my redness… unless I’m not flaring up and the redness isn’t too bad.

Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer Green: Same thoughts as above. I think I like this primer a bit better than the Smashbox one, my foundation glides on so smooth… but again, didn’t do much in the way of color correction.

Clinique Color Correcting Primer Yellow: I tried this one out during a skincare consultation at the Clinique counter. Very similar texture to the Smashbox primer, but didn’t provide the results I was looking for.

Physicians formula Green stick concealer: This works great for concealing redness around the nose and mouth. The formula seemed a bit too heavy to wear all across my cheeks under makeup. I did also try their RX green concealer, and let me tell you… whoaaaa it is super pigmented. Great for covering a troublesome blemish maybe, but I looked like I had a mask on (even with the tiniest bit of product).

The best foundation I have used for redness is the Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation. It is super long lasting, and it does actually neutralize the redness! It’s one of my favorites for days when my redness is flaring up because it works, and it also has skincare ingredients to help treat your skin. Usually I don’t even use a primer when I wear this foundation, that’s how great it is for me.

I do wish they carried this foundation in a wider range of shades! I would consider myself to be light-medium, but their lightest shade “Alabaster” is a perfect match for me. If you are very fair, you should make sure to test this out at the makeup counter. I also noticed that Sephora does not carry the lighter shades, their selection starts with the medium shade. I only use this where I need it, on my cheeks and around my nose usually. I tend to either apply a thin layer over the rest of my face, or leave the rest of my face bare.

If they don’t have a shade for you, I would look into their Even Better Makeup line… similar formulation (long lasting, evens out skin tone), but it does lack the skincare for redness. I would also check out Vichy Dermablend foundation, it has more coverage than normal foundations.

When I’m not having a flair up, I can get away with wearing a ‘normal’ foundation. I’ve been using Benefit’s Oxygen WOW foundation lately or the Big Easy – both have great coverage. I do have some breakthrough redness, that I will spot conceal.

Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage (I wear SC3)

Since this concealer is yellow toned it does help to correct redness. This concealer is heavy duty, not something you would use around your eyes, it really is made for covering larger areas. I usually use my finger to dab just a bit over the areas that are red, and I’m good to go! Since this formula is so dry, you can apply it after your foundation/powder and it will still work.

MAC Studio Concealer (I wear NC20)
This is pretty similar to Secret Camouflage, but just a bit creamier. NC20 and SC3 Secret Camouflage are so similar in shade. I just tend to carry this one in my purse for any touch ups that need to happen throughout the day. This is another heavy hitting concealer that is perfect for covering up redness, blemishes, or pigmentation.


Since we have evened out our red areas, and our faces could probably use a bit of color, it’s time for blush. Let me start out by saying: Yes, you can wear blush! I avoided blush because it would just make my face look worse.


Blush can actually help to camouflage the redness! They key here is to steer clear of shades that will emphasis the redness. You will want to look for something more along the lines of a neutral peachy tone, or mauve. A bright pink can work too, as long as it is more cool toned. Take a look at the thumbnail above, the blushes on the left side are examples of shades that will emphasize redness too much, compared to more neutral options.

I hope this has been helpful! I know I feel so much better when my redness isn’t showing through. Let me know if you have any makeup products or tips that you use to conceal redness. As always, these recommendations/opinions are based on my own experiences, yours may vary.

  Battling Redness Part 1: Skin care

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