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Hair care woes


My worst haircut ever: 4th grade, after an evening of whining about wanting a haircut, my Dad chops off my super long pony tail. Oh man, my Mom was pissed! Looking back, I totally deserved it lol.

I want so much more from my hair, but it fails to deliver right now. Current hair care woes and how I deal:

1. I HATE my layers. I’ve been growing out an asymmetrical bob for 2 years… A bunch of wonky layers still exist, and I am trying my best to grow them out. I am planning to get some cheap blunt trims in the future, and not touch the layers at all until they grow out. It’s not going to look great, but I think I will be happy in the end. I don’t want any more wispy, crazy, layers.

2. I’ve tried many times to wash my hair less… but I can never get further than day 2. My hair just feels nasty-gross, and I can’t handle it. Dry shampoo helps a bit, but overall I just feel frumpy and greasy. I’ve decided that I’m going to finish off my Redken All Soft Shampoo and then switch to a gentle daily shampoo like Joico Daily Care Conditioning Shampoo. I also resolve to only wash my roots, my ends will get clean as I rinse, without the effects of full on shampoo.

3. I get super bored with my hair, yet I don’t want to delve into a new permanent color again. I’ve had bright red, many shades of black, and dark brown over the years. I’m tired of having to touch up color, and it’s pretty rough on my hair. I’ve really been loving color glazes and glosses lately! Glazes help to boost color/shine and last about a week. Glosses on the other hand are semi-permanent, and will last about a month. Glosses are a great way to give a subtle hint of color and shine, yet not have to worry about making a commitment to color treatments!

Do you have any hair woes right now?


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  1. Ohh I can relate to no. 2! I’ve been going to the gym more and washing my hair almost every other day, but it’s drying my hair out. I should get a daily shampoo too! x

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