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Beauty day with Mom

beautydayMother’s Day is this Sunday in the US, and I recently had a Beauty Day with my Mom. I took her out to the mall last Saturday; it was a big deal, because she doesn’t get out of the house often to do fun things. My Dad gets her to all her doctor’s appointments, but he’s not a lot of fun to shop with, so that’s where I came in.

My Mom wanted to get a new foundation, which surprised me, as she is not really into makeup. She has Lupus, and sometimes gets the red “butterfly” rash on her face. It turns out that she was self-conscious about it, and I had no clue. I know that makeup has helped my confidence a lot, and I wanted my Mom to have the same experience. We ventured into Macy’s because she had some coupons to use, and we ended up at the Clarins makeup counter (drawn there by the lure of a free gift lol).

The Clarins representative was already familiar with the effects of Lupus, and really took the time to address my Mom’s concerns. She gave my Mom a skin treatment with their recommended products and even made her up with foundation and blush. I really liked that they showed us how to apply each product. The Clarins approach to applying anything from cleanser to moisturizer is very gentle, with an emphasis on pressing the product into the skin, not rubbing, which pulls on the skin. You can view their tips here; I have definitely switched over to this method.


My Mom’s skin was glowing, and I know that it wasn’t just the makeup. It was so nice to see her get pampered. She ended up purchasing a whole skin care regime and also received the free gift of deluxe samples. The sales associates were also so nice to throw in a beach tote to carry my mom’s new skincare and makeup stash.

Among the products my Mom purchased, she got the One-Step Facial Cleanser with Orange extract. This is perfect for her because she can cleanse her face, and not have to worry about rinsing. This is especially great for days when she has low energy, because even just washing your face can make you feel so much better.

I ended up purchasing their 3 pack of their SPF 40 Day Screen, and Beauty Flash Balm (been wanting this for a long time). I also received the pack of deluxe samples with the Multi-Active Day and Night Creams included – OMG; I’m going to buy these soon. AND I already ordered their Toning Lotion with Camomile from Amazon.

A big thanks to Clarins for helping my Mom feel pretty!


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