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I’m loving… Sonia Kashuk Flat Brush

flatbrushI’ve been thinking about getting a flat top brush for a long time, and I finally decided to pick this one up at Target. Oh man, if you need a new foundation brush, definitely think about giving this one a try! The regular price is $15.79, may be on the higher end for Target brushes, but I have no regrets! I now know the difference between makeup sitting on my skin, and truly being blended in.

I used this brush with the Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation, and I was truly amazed at how bright and healthy my skin looked! I’ve never been great with flat foundation brushes, results always looked quite painted on and streaky. The Flat Top brush is super soft, great for using with a tapping method, and then buffing the product into the skin.

What products have you been loving lately?



  1. You know it’s funny .. I was in target the other day and looking at this brand products and wondering if it is worth it or not. .. I agree it’s a bit on the pricey range, but I am glad it worked for ya .. I am not so much into makeup brushes… But if the brushes are that good maybe the brand is worth trying ..

    • VC

      I would always stop by and look at this brush when I went to Target haha. If you do want to give brushes a try, Sonia’s seem pretty nice! I have a few of her brushes, and they are better quality than the up&up brushes.

  2. henryfacebeauty

    I’ve been looking for a new foundation brush! I love the real techniques stippling brush but I’ve been looking for something more dense that may offer a bit more coverage. This looks like the perfect option! I will definitely check this out next time I’m at target.

  3. i’ve been using this brush for years, the first time i got it it was around 10-11 dollars, and i thought that was expensive haha… but i really like it, seems like the only brush that works well with my MAC skin finish product. Then it was time to replace (it lasted for a long time, it wasn’t broken or hair falling out, just old with time)…. and Target didn’t have it for awhile and i kinda panicked. lol… but i finally saw it again and picked upan extra one. Can’t believe it’s almost $16 now lol 😛

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