1. satin taupe looks amazingggg. I think i only have 1 MAC eyeshadow and the reason behind that is because I know once i start I wont stop buying them. I really want to get their new 15 pan cool or warm neutral palettes that they just released a couple months ago! can’t decide on which one i want though.

    • VC

      I’ve seen satin taupe on youtube and I’ve wanted it really bad for a long time. They have the most amazing shadow colors – you will be hooked on them!

      • I know 😦 still have yet to really pull the trigger. I’ll definitely get satin taupe once I decide to buy some though.

  2. This looks like such a pretty quad with some beautiful eyeshadows! I love Satin Taupe it is one of my favorite eyeshadows!

  3. I love my quad I created from MAC my has rice paper, soft brown, handwritten and Swiss chocolate. I use it everyday! It’s perfect. I think you’ll adore these shadows.

  4. I want Satin Taupe and Saddle so badly right now, haha. Your quad looks amazing, and this is yet another post that’s pushing me to finally make one of my own. Well, fine, when I actually do figure out eyeshadow at last, haha.

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