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Review: De-Slick by Urban Decay


You may have seen me mention Urban Decay’s De-Slick in a previous post. I went ahead and picked this up last time I was at Sephora. I was very excited to try this product out, in hopes of a new solution for my oily skin. By lunch time I am usually pretty shiny, and in need of a blotting paper and some powder (Rimmel Stay Matte). At 5:00PM when it’s time to go home, I am usually looking pretty oily.


– Keeps makeup front smudging, sliding or fading
– Controls oil
– Deflects shine
– Keeps skin matte

How to use:

You simply give a few quick sprays after applying your makeup to set foundation, powder, blush and eye shadows. They suggest spraying the product 3-4 times in an “X” motion, but I usually concentrate it near the center of my face, since that’s where I have most of the issues.

Does it work?

I have found that this is a fantastic setting spray, it has helped my makeup last longer through the day. However, I am still pretty oily by the end of the day. When I look in the mirror at lunch, I am still shiny… maybe a tiny bit less than usual, but enough to need a blotting paper/powder.

It appears that this product does help deflect shine a little, but not as much as I hoped. If you have combination skin, and you don’t get super shiny, this may be perfect for you!

Based on my experience wearing Make Up Forever Primer in Green, Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation, Urban Decay Pressed Powder, powder blush, and eye shadows.

Will I purchase again?

At $30.00 a bottle (for the larger size), at this point I don’t think I will re-purchase when I run out. It was worth a try, and who knows… Maybe I will change my mind by the time I use it all up!

Last thoughts:

I was a bit disappointed with the oil control aspect, but it is a nice setting spray and I do like the matte finish you get after it dries (but doesn’t last too long on me). This perhaps would be best used along side the De-Slick Pressed Powder, a combo I will think about trying in the future.

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think!


  1. Allrosie Beauty

    Hey! I have tried it and feel the same as you! I have just run out and even thought I enjoyed using it… I’ve not ran out to re buy it! xx

  2. I have thought about getting some of this but more to help the longevity of my make-up instead of oil control. Would you suggest for make-up longevity alone?

    • Sorry to barge in .. But I did use this spray .. I have a normal – dry skin .. I use a moisturizer mixed with foundation for makeup and I uses a few sprays of this product (I have the cool and refreshing setting spray, since I don’t need oil control) . I sprayed randomly on my face from a distance of 6-8 inches .. Only the. It really works .. It lasted me a full day at the New York Auto show and two kids 🙂
      I swear by this product now .. Also , you can buy the cheaper , smaller 1 oz bottle to start, that comes in all night staying power… Let me know if it works for you and good luck !

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