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Beauty confession… I’m terrible at painting my nails


I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I am almost 29 years old and I can’t paint my own nails very well. As a result, I usually stick to very sheer colors and clear polishes to keep my nails looking passable. I wanted to give the at home manicure (and even simple nail art) a try this week… but both attempts have ended with me drenching my poor nails into the polish remover.

I was a bit too ambitious yesterday and tried out the half moon manicure, but my right hand looked awful (even hubby said so lol). Tonight I tried the basic manicure, but it was also a no-go due to smudges and overzealous attempts to fix them.

My common problems:

– My nails look decent on my left hand, but dreadful on my right hand (dominant hand)
– My polish application turns out too thin, or way too thick and just plain looks sloppy
– I get discouraged and avoid painting my nails

I am not going to give up! I will be brushing up on tips and techniques over the next few days… and hopefully by the weekend I will have some polish on these nails! After all, we can’t be fabulous at everything, right? If you have any tips to share with me, leave them in the comments!

Do you have any beauty confessions?




  1. mlatb14

    1 tip is, when you paint your right hand, clean it up with a qtip soaked in nail polish remover, or another way to keep it clean is to put glue around your cuticle. If you do either of these two things, the excess polish will come right off when you wash. 🙂

    • VC

      Great tip! I usually do paint my left hand first, so I will try to paint my right hand first next time!

  2. V

    Very relatable. I end up getting polish all over my fingers with my nondominant hand, so I never paint my nails before I actually have to go out anywhere.

  3. Practice makes perfect! I also find that if I can hold the brush steady with my left hand, and guide my righthand fingers under it, I can sort of use the dexterity of my right hand to paint itself. As for the consistency of the nail polish: always keep a bottle of nail polish thinner handy because goopy nail polish can RUIN a manicure!!

    Hope this helps ^___^

  4. For years, I has to paint my nails a night before a formal function so that the extra polish I got on the skin on the side of my nails will wash off with washing my hands ..

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