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All about the brows


I am currently obsessed with my eyebrows. I have super thin and sparse brows, without the help of products, I look like I only have 1/2 brows (which does not look cute). I have spent many years trying to perfect the shape, and proper techniques to fill them in, only to be very disappointed. Let’s get a grasp on the best brows that work for each of us.


This will be very different depending on how your brows grow natrually. I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to work with the brow shape you have! You can make small tweaks to the shape, but don’t try to change the overall shape. There is a general ‘golden ratio’ rule to shaping brows, that can be found here.

Refinery29 (one of my faves), has a fantastic slideshow about brows, be sure to check it out! This addresses many different types of brows and which products/techniques to correct them.


If you have light eyebrows, it’s best to get a brow product that is 1 shade darker than your natural brow color. If you’re like me and you have dark brows, it’s best to go 1 shade lighter. I have black eyebrow hairs, so it took me a long time to accept that it is best to use a lighter shade. However, I now see the light and my brows are much more natural looking. If you’re looking to use Anastasia brow products, take a look at their color guide.

Products and techniques:

I found this lovely bit of wisdom from Anastasia, check out the full slide show at Byrdie. “The order that you apply your brow products is very important, since wax, gel, powder, and pencils all build on each other. Soare suggest the following order if you plan on cocktailing your products: pencil, pomade, powder, wax, then gel. (If you only use two of these, just start with whichever is listed first.)”

It may seem like common knowledge, but I found out that I’ve been using my brow brush all wrong. That’s where this article by the Beauty Department saves the day.

Here are some of the products that I’ve found very helpful.

Anastasia – Brow wiz  “Medium Ash” is the perfect dark brown shade, that has very neutral undertones.
Brow powder duo – I have been using “Dark Brown” and it’s a great match for my brows.
Tinted brow gel – Espresso is a nice shade for me, it’s a very dark brown (but not too ashy). If your hair is a different color than your brows, you can try using a gel or mascara to match the color.
Benefit – Gimme brow If you have super sparse brows this will give you the illusion of fuller brows, but it won’t completely fill your brows. If your brows don’t really need to be filled, but do need to a bit extra help, I would really recommend this product.

When working with brows, it’s very important to use a feather-light touch with small strokes for the most natural result. I am far from a brow expert, and I know these resources helped me, I hope you found it helpful too!


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