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Let’s talk… EYEBROWS


I never guessed that I would become so very fussy about my eyebrows. It is quite amazing how filling them in can really frame your face! I’ve been filling them in for years and years… but for a long time I had no idea that my shape was all wrong. Lately I’ve really been envious of ladies with full, straight eyebrows because it’s the very opposite of my own! I recently tried to make mine a bit more straight (very trendy in Korea), but I realized a few days ago that it just wasn’t working with my natural brow shape.

You can certainly alter your shape a bit, but you really shouldn’t try to fight the way your brows grow in. After spending a lot of time on the internet, and subsequently staring into a mirror, I’ve realized that my brows do crave a tiny bit of an arch – I’ve come to embrace this (for the first time ever!). After all, I want my brows to look as natural as possible, not drawn on!

Back to basics:

Basic Eyebrows Tutorial by Michelle Phan

Products that I use:

Brow Zings by Benefit – Dark
Eye brows by MAC – Brunette Maybelline Great Lash – Clear

I’d really like to try some of Anastasia’s brow products, I might get a new brow powder soon, as my Brow Zings set is pretty old. I have also heard good things about Benefit’s Gimme Brow, this is another product on my list!


Do you have any tips or products that I should know about? Let me know about your experiences with all things eyebrows!



  1. I’d love to have straight brows, too! But mine are too arched now as well, sadly 😦 It’s getting a bit better, though, since I let them grow more and don’t tweeze them as much as I used to.

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