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Dealing with large pores

Whenever I watch YouTube beauty gurus apply their foundation, I always marvel at the way it really perfects their complexions and looks so smooth. I always wondered why my face never looks that great when I apply my base. I know now it is because of large pores around my nose and cheeks.

I’ve tried several “pore minimizing” products, always thinking that they were going to shrink the size of my pores… to no avail. Now I am a bit wiser and I know that we can’t really change the size of the pores, and most of us with large pores are genetically predisposed. So some of us weren’t blessed with the smoothest of canvases, but there are steps to take to make it better!

Step 1. Accept that the pores most likely will not get any smaller. Pore minimizing refers more to minimizing the appearance, not the size. Don’t worry, keep reading!

Step 2. Keep pores clean and clear – when pores are not clean it makes them more noticeable. Oil and dirt can also lead to acne, which I’ve heard can stretch pores out. Exfoliation is really the key here. Lately, I’ve been using a face brush from Sephora once a day (because I can’t afford a Clarisonic!). Using a toner after cleansing can also help keep pores clear.

Face masks like Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peeling Mask are also great for clearing out pores. This mask goes on in gel form, and you peel it off when it’s dry. It’s very refreshing and the price is great! I’ve seen this at most drug stores like Bartells or Walgreens, ect.

Step 3. Now that we’re keeping our pores clean, they should be a bit less noticeable. However, if you want to achieve a smoother look with makeup, there’s plenty we can do. If you have a stippling brush, it can become your new best friend! Please watch this video by GossMakeup, it has changed my life. I’ve been using this technique and it has made my pores waaaay less visible. I just wanted to note that primers do help to fill in pores too, but they never seemed to be quite enough for me.


Also, check out the POREfessional by Benefit and the Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector by Clinique (I have and use both). I’ve found that patting on the POREfessional before makeup makes a huge difference. The Clinique one is better suited for applying after makeup, it’s a very light formula (also helps to mattify). If you try these, make sure to warm the product up on the back of your hand first. When applying these, it’s best to gently pat over areas with large pores to fill them and then also pat on foundation to avoid wiping the product away. Just be sure to use a bit less foundation at first, and build to the coverage you would like.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy products specifically for pore minimizing to see a difference. I would also suggest keeping any illuminating or highlighting products off of areas with large pores, as it would make them more noticeable(luckily, most of us don’t have large pores in the usual highlight areas). As a last note: make sure to keep the exfoliation gentle, we don’t want to irritate our skin!

I hope this has been helpful, I know I’ve been struggling with this issue for a long time! If you have other products, tips or tricks, please let me know in the comments!



  1. I like to use those Pore Strips for the nose/cheeks from Biore after I gently exfoliate my face with a scrub. It’s kind of gross, but you can literally see the blackheads/dirt being lifted out.

    Also that GlamGlow SuperMud I recently got is nice because, as the mask dries, you can see darker spots of oil being absorbed out of your pores!

    I also use the POREfessional too and I love it! 🙂

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