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VIB Sale!

vibI said so many times that I wasn’t going to go on a makeup shopping spree until after the holidays were over… but of course, I couldn’t let this deal slip by! I became a VIB a couple months ago, so I want to make sure to take advantage of the benefits until next year!

I went out to the mall today and already had a shopping list prepared for my trip to Sephora. Whenever I plan to go to Sephora, I always spend a couple days browsing the website and planning out my purchases. I ended up getting everything on my list today, and spent a little more than I wanted to. However, I did save about $30.00 with my VIB coupon, and got the cute tote bag.

I will have a haul post on Tuesday to show you what I picked up! Did anyone else go to the VIB sale? Get anything good?

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  1. *waves arms* i did i did! however, our canadian prices for most things are not as good as the US prices. But can’t complain about 20% off…

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