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My makeup storage


Somehow my makeup drawer became overwhelmed with makeup! I found myself having to search through the mess to find products that I wanted, and it was getting out of hand. In addition to my makeup drawer, I had a makeup bag that was stuffed, and a small plastic container that I couldn’t even close. I knew that I needed to make some guidelines for makeup storage.

1. Keep products I use everyday in my makeup drawer for easy access, organized with interlocking drawer organizers like these.
2. Store products that I switch out frequently (lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, ect) in the small storage bin. This is kept under the sink with relatively easy access as well.
3. Create a makeup stash in a medium (shoe box sized) storage box for products that I rarely use, but would still like to have on hand. I can keep this one stored out of sight.
4. Makeup bag – to be kept EMPTY until needed! That way I will finally have a bag ready to be used when I need to go on vacation.

Have the makeup stash really helped to clear out more space, and I even managed to get rid of a few products that were old – it’s so difficult for me to throw makeup away! I feel so much better when my makeup is nice and orderly!

How do you store your makeup? I’d love to hear your ideas, always looking for more ways to be organized 🙂

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  1. I have upright 3 and 5 pullout drawer containers that are just over flowing. I really need to get through my stash and get rid of the things that are too old to use.


  2. HA! I *just* finished writing a post about my makeup storage. I always love seeing how people organize their stuff. I love those drawer organizers – I might have to grab some of those…

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