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Sephora Color IQ


About a month ago I decided to go in and try out Color IQ at Sephora. I have always struggled with finding the right foundation shade for me, so I thought this would be a nice opportunity. A fantastic associate named Midori came to the rescue to help me find my perfect foundation. The scanner they use is pretty neat, along with the creator, only Sephora is allowed to use it. Midori started by taking 3 snap shots of my skin (cheek, jawline, and neck), the Color IQ program finds the mid point in each picture to determine the right number.

My number is 5Y06, the 5Y stands for the amount of yellow in my skin tone and I believe that 6 refers to the how dark my skin is. I was surprised that there were only 3 liquid foundation options for me to choose from! As my skin is pretty oily, we eliminated the YSL option and I decided to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation ($39.00) in shade #3. Midori applied this with a Beauty Blender and I was pleasantly surprised with the results! This foundation does have light diffusing particles, that gives me a very healthy glow. This is demi-matte, so it is not super dewy looking, which I like. The formula itself is pretty light and buildable, easily applied with fingers, a brush or sponge.

If you haven’t tried Color IQ at Sephora, it’s always worth a try! They give you a card with your top matches, and can even help you find the right shade of powder to go with the foundation. The whole process took around 20 minutes, and I feel that my associate did a great job explaining everything to me. On the other hand, if you have a foundation that works great for you, you can still find out your Color IQ number. Just go here, and select the foundation you wear and the shade! You can also watch a demo here.


5/20/14: I just thought I’d give a quick update about my Color IQ number. When I went originally it was in October, and I was a little bit darker after summer. I recently purchased a new Benefit foundation that’s a perfect match, so I looked up the IQ number and I am now 4Y03… a full three shades lighter than I was when I went to the store to get matched. It goes to show that we really do need a couple foundation options for the changing seasons!

Let me know if you’ve tried Color IQ!

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